Our Services

JIRAH Growth Partners supports you as a business owner and charity leader to achieve your vision for growth. Utilizing best-in-class business practices and strategic thinking, Joshua guides you and your company to growth through activating teams and developing a roadmap of action that leads to proven success. Entrepreneurs, business owners, and charity leaders partner with Joshua to define goals and execute on strategic plans.

Business Operations Analysis Sprint

A two day investment from you and your company’s leadership team that explores the nine friction points for growth. The end result of these in-depth conversations is a series of recommendations and roadmap to lubricate your company’s highest friction points. You’re ready to implement growth strategies within 30 days.

Comprehensive Business Operations Analysis

A deep dive into the nine friction points for growth. Analyzing your existing organizational strategies, corporate culture, products/services, and finances in relation to market trends and competitor strategies. Once complete, providing a comprehensive report including reflections, recommendations, and roadmap to overcome friction points while implementing growth strategies.

Business Growth Coaching

Multiplying your time and effort toward growth by becoming your ally, and an extension of your desire to grow. Implementing strategies/recommendations while expanding your bandwidth to move forward by creating new meeting rhythms that focus on what’s required to achieve new levels of success.


JIRAH Growth Partners helps corporations with initiatives such as: Succession Planning, Growth Strategy Development, Team Alignment, Policy & Process Development, Consulting and Advisory Services.


JIRAH Growth Partners helps charities and non-profits with initiatives such as: Major Donor Strategies, Growth Development Strategies, Team Alignment, Policy & Process Development, and Fundraising Revenue Growth Planning.

No one knows your business and vision like you do. We would love to know your ambitions and walk with you through the various stages of growth. Book a coffee with Joshua today.